CBD Traffic Control

CBD Traffic Control offers a 24hr 7 day reliable service with 100% commitment to the safety of our clients, motorists, pedestrians and our traffic controllers. By utilising our new & modern fleet and support from our office we are able to ensure that all project requirements are met each and every time.

We pride ourselves on being job ready day or night offering our clients an immediate response to ensure we arrive on site focused to not delay you or your work. With our Traffic control plans and safe work method statement CBD’s crew meet and often exceed all standards of operating a safe work site. Our traffic control crews and staff all hold RMS and general industry accreditation ensuring we are fully compliant with site requirements.

We offer you a pricing schedule which is simplified and allows us to quote you correctly and quickly, however if you have a long term job or project specific requirements we are happy to complete an on-site inspection and provide a no obligation tailored package to suit your needs.

At CBD we provide our employee’s continuous on-road training to ensure we are the prepared for any situation and we always exceed your expectations and operate a 100% alcohol and drug free workplace.